Praise Your Husband. God's Word instructs us, in Philippians 4:8, to think about whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely and admirable. "That reminds me to look for opportunities to praise my husband," Jennifer says, "to thank him for those times he says or does positive things. I look for ways to encourage, support, love and respect him. Jesus has taught me how to look for the good in my husband." 

Prioritize Your Husband. By placing your husband's needs first - above your own and anyone else's - you are honoring him and giving him a chance to see God through you. "At first this was difficult," Jennifer said, "however, when I saw the pleasing behavior that came from my husband, it was a confirmation that this is what Jesus would do. Before going out at night to a Bible study or away on a weekend retreat, I always make sure that meals are prepared, the house is in order, and the children's needs are met." There have been times when Jennifer has had to pass up an opportunity or a Bible study because of the needs of her husband or the obligations at home. She's learned to do that without feelings of guilt or resentment, believing that her first obligation as a servant of God is to be obedient and submissive to her husband.

Pray for Your Husband. Pray not only for your husband's salvation, but for every area of his life, as well. As you pray for him, God will soften your heart toward him. And as you show him love, he is able to see God's love, through you, as well.

Pray with Other Women. "Not being able to share my prayer life with my husband, I began to look for other women who believe in the power of prayer," Jennifer said. Praying with other Christian women has blessed her life and deepened her walk with the Lord. Every woman - regardless of her situation - needs women around her for support, prayer and encouragement. There are many women who share your burden for an unbelieving husband, too. Find them - in your church, in your small group Bible studies, at your children's school, at your workplace -- and pray with them.  It's a comfort not to have to carry the burden alone.

Finally, Jennifer says, remember that God is able to reach anyone's heart…even the heart of her husband - and yours. 

Originally posted April 20, 2010

*Editor's Note: Sometimes it is the wife who is an unbeliever and the husband who has faith, however, this article was addressed primarily to a female audience because it was adapted from Cindi McMenamin's message and book When Women Walk Alone.

Cindi McMenamin is a national speaker and the author of several books, including When Women Walk Alone, When God Pursues a Woman's Heart, and Women On the Edge. For more on her books or ministry, see