The implication, in the best of Hebrew tradition, was that fathers and mothers are responsible for the education of their children. YOU shall teach them, YOU are to be held primarily responsible, not somebody else and most certainly not the government.

Truth is, a lot of other people impact our kids in schools, churches, and popular culture. But parents are supposed to be the pedagogues whose input during the first, best formative years provides an adequate lens through which the child can judge the rest of what she receives educationally for years to come. No matter the educational delivery system, nothing is to obfuscate the input and primacy of the home.

Note it well -- parents are responsible for the good or bad ideas, the excellent or poor achievement of their children. Period.

Second, choose your college well. Most of them, the vast majority of them, are horrible. Pick one that respects God and the Bible and teaches conservatively on issues theological, moral, cultural and economic.

To be honest, that last sentence limits the choices to a proverbial handful. Choose wisely.

It matters.

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