Adjust your parenting to your unique child. There are no one-size-fits all parenting styles. Get to know your new child’s personality well, and ask God to give you the wisdom you need to develop a parenting style that will be effective for your child distinctively.

Teach your child how to succeed from God’s perspective. True success isn’t a list of accomplishments like good grades or sports trophies. Success, in God’s eyes, is developing good character, healthy curiosity, and common sense. So focus on teaching those qualities to your child.

Connect with your child’s heart. Your child needs an emotionally warm relationship with you to be motivated to follow the rules you set for him or her. So spend lots of time talking with your child and enjoying fun activities together. Also, be sure to apologize whenever you hurt your child emotionally, so anger doesn’t fester in his or her heart and lead to bitterness that can poison your relationship.

Teach your child about Jesus and help him or her grow spiritually. You must be intentional about teaching biblical values and modeling a dynamic relationship with Jesus to your child, or the culture will simply fill the void and your child will learn a hodgepodge of information about God that may not reflect the truth. So don’t leave your child’s spiritual training to chance. Join a church and actively participate in it, read Bible stories to your child, pray together, and make your own relationship with Jesus your highest priority so you can be the kind of role model your child needs.

Adapted from First-Time Dad: The Stuff You Really Need to Know, copyright 2011 by John Fuller with Paul Batura. Published by Moody Publishers, Chicago, Ill.,   

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