Editor's Note: The following is a report on the practical applications of Stormie Omartian's new book, The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children (Harvest House, 2009). 

You want to continue to support your adult children while still giving them the freedom to make their own choices.  But where do you draw the line between helping them to build their own lives well and enabling them to remain dependent on you?  And how do you deal with all of your many concerns about them – from their friendships and romantic partnerships, to their career pursuits and financial management?

Prayer is the key. Praying for your adult children will connect you to the only perfect Parent – God – and invite Him to act powerfully in their lives.

Pray that your adult children will …

See God pour out His Spirit on them:  Ask God to give your adult children the faith to seek Him and welcome an outpouring of the Holy Spirit into their lives.  Pray that they will understand the Holy Spirit’s power, and that they will follow the Spirit’s guidance so they can recognize the difference between what’s true and what’s false.  Ask God to empower them through His Spirit so they’ll be able to live faithfully.

Develop a heart for God, His Word, and His Ways:  Ask God to turn your adult children’s hearts toward Him and open them to receive His love.  Pray for their desire to know God better and become more like Him.  Ask God to bring them to repentance about their sins.  Pray that God will close their hearts to evil lies and open them to His truth.  Ask God to give them a passion to read, study, reflect on, and memorize Scripture. Tell them stories of how God has worked in your life (such as how He has answered some key prayers) and describe your relationship with Him means to you.  Point out the good qualities you see in them as people and help them discover and fulfill God’s good purposes for their lives.

Grow in wisdom, discernment, and revelation:  Wisdom will empower your adult children to see the consequences of their actions before they act, enabling them to make the right decisions about actions to take.  Pray that they will have the wisdom t fear God, speak the right words to others, avoid blaspheming God’s name, be humble rather than prideful, avoid being drawn into the world’s concept of wisdom, love the Bible, and always seek the counsel of godly and wise people.

Discernment will enable your adult children to understand what would normally be obscure to them.  It will help them see what’s good and what’s evil, see what’s holy and what’s sinful, see what’s right and what’s wrong, choose to do what’s right in any situation, and understand more about God’s ways. 

Revelation is knowledge God can give your adult children that they wouldn’t have had otherwise.  It gives them a vision for their lives, understanding and enlightenment about their purpose and calling, empowers them to respond to their circumstances in the right ways that will protect them from disastrous decisions, and helps them see who God is more clearly.  Pray for God to give your adult children the benefit of these qualities every day of their lives.

Find freedom, restoration, and wholeness:  Whenever your adult children are struggling with a specific, sinful attitude or action, your prayers can be instrumental in helping them find the healing they need.   Ask God to set them free from anything that separates them from Him.  Pray for them to find the transformation that can only be found in God’s presence.  Ask God to help them establish the disciplines of reading the Bible, praying, and praising and worshiping Him regularly, since God uses those experiences to changes people’s lives for the better.  Pray for the healing you need in your own life so your adult children can see through your life a powerful example of how God is at work.  Ask God to take anything in your adult children’s lives that is currently broken and make it whole.