8. Pray Like Crazy

The greatest strategy that you can implement to protect your teen from Satan’s lies about pornography (and everything else the Enemy throws at him or her) is prayer.

Prayer is your source of strength when the fight takes you into the eleventh round. Prayer is your greatest weapon against Satan’s ploys to get your teen to take a bite of the forbidden fruit. Prayer is the greatest “kaboom” you have against the Enemy. I don’t call prayer the Ultimate Power Stance for nothing.

Published March 9, 2009

This article is an adapted excerpt from Jeffrey Dean's book, The Fight of Your Life (Multnomah, 2009) Used with permission. All rights reserved.

Jeffrey Dean is the founder of Jeffrey Dean Ministries through which he speaks to more than 150,000 teens each year. He is an authority on teens and teen culture. The author of Watch This, This Is Me, and the One-Liner Wisdom books, Jeffrey lives in Nashville with his wife and family.