R.I.S.E. God is calling us to rise up and move. Are you ready?

Well, it’s that time again: going to my doctor for my regular visit. I simply dread it. I dread hearing from her what I am not doing right. That I am eating way too much fatty foods, not getting enough exercise or enough water. That my blood pressure could come down not to mention my cholesterol. I know she is going to fuss at my weight as she shakes her finger and rolls her eyes.

It was a Tuesday, and I had come the week before for my blood work. I wonder if I could eat a Twinkie now that my blood work has been recorded. I just love Twinkies with that soft yellow cake and white gooey cream inside. But I didn't eat a Twinkie because, well, I've started to make some changes in my life. As much as I wanted a Twinkie, the power it had over me had started to wane. As I sat in the waiting room I was getting anxious, especially dreading the scale. I had told a friend the day before that I was not going to get on the scale. And if they made me I was going to walk out. I mean, I am a grown up and I shouldn't have to get on any scale. She reminded me that the doctor needed those numbers. I was like, “Ugh. Alright, but they had better not tell me what it is. I just don't want to know.”It will only depress me.

I then heard my name and started to walk down the long hallway to her office. I was like, “OK, just tell me how bad I am, how much I have failed, I'm ready for it.” Then she said something that blew me away. She said Kris, your numbers have really improved since you were here last. I was like, “What?” She ran down each area from how much Vitamin D I had in my body to my liver, my kidneys and so on. She told me that each area was either the same or had improved. She then said, “And on top of this all you lost ten pounds, too.” I started to cry. She was like, I have never had a patient cry because she had lost weight. I then, in the power of the Lord, was able to share some of my journey. The journey of RISE.

For some of my readers you may know I have diabetes 2. I have been on insulin for longer than I can remember. My daily life is a series of counting carbs and taking insulin as well as other "preventative" medications for long-term living with this disease. It is my thorn in my side that I have asked the Lord to take from me as well as the rose of fragrance as I have been able to share with so many others due to my disease. Diabetes has not stopped me from living a full life, however, it has limited me in some areas. A year ago I realized my diabetes was out of control. My present doctor had given up on how to treat me. He diagnosed a new insulin that didn't work and as a result, my sugars were very high. For several months I suffered with several side effects. These effects could have killed me if it wasn't for the Lord and so many prayers of others. I switched doctors and my new doctor immediately started to work at making changes in all my meds. Her goal was to get my sugars even, not in a month but over time. As each month passed I saw my numbers go down, more adjustments being made requiring more changes on my part.

Then in the fall, I ran into a friend who has lost a ton of weight. I almost didn't recognize her as she had changed so much. We quickly swapped phone numbers and set up a time to have lunch. I was so curious about what she had done. I figured she must have had that stomach surgery but no, she said, “To be honest Kris, it’s taken me four years to lose the weight. But please understand, it's never been just about the weight. It's been about a transformation from the inside out through the power of the Lord.” I was like, “OK, I'm listening.” She proceeded to share with me a simple acronym. In fact, she didn't know where she got it from. The acronym was RISE. Something easy to remember and apply. RISE stands for:

R: Reduce