Praise be to the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle. He is my loving God and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer, my shield, in whom I take refuge, who subdues peoples under me. Lord, what are human beings that you care for them, mere mortals that you think of them? (Psalm 144:1-3)

As I read this scripture, I can see God preparing David for battle. Maybe he is practicing using his sword or shield. Maybe he is running laps, lifting weights, or eating lots of protein. Maybe God is speaking to him, helping him to remember God’s truths. Regardless of what David is doing to prepare, I think God is doing the same for us.

As a single, I deal with many battles on various platforms, some of which are the same as the battles of my married friends. However, many battles are unique to singles. Here are a few:

BATTLE 1: When people always want to know why I never married. 

At my age I guess it’s too late? “You must have been called to singleness.” My question is, why is it even their question? Why is my marital status such a need for conversation with people? Most married people simply cannot understand singles. The first thing they want to do is “fix you up” or suggest online dating. In my flesh I want to say something that isn’t so nice, but then God reminds me they are just ignorant. Sometimes they really don't get us and, well, maybe God wants me to educate them in a loving way.

So why haven’t I gotten married? Because God hasn’t told me to. So I am serving him where I am until he moves me somewhere else. Are you?

BATTLE 2: Being solely responsible for my finances, my home, and my stuff. 

I would like to think there is still some wonderful man who is going to marry me and share the expense, the maintenance, and the upkeep of my home... but there isn't right now. And the enemy loves to make me feel defeated, trick me into thinking that it will always be this way.

Recently my mom moved in with me (my dad died a few years ago and she did not like living alone). At first it was hard, as I had to make a ton of adjustments. I also thought, well, if I ever had hopes of getting married, they're gone now. Who would want to marry me knowing my mom comes with the package?

But you know, God whispered to me and said: Your mom being here is my provision to help you with this home, not only in expenses but also in enjoyment! She is here to help you in your battles. She has wisdom and experience. She will help you prepare for what lies ahead. And don’t worry Kris; if my will is for you to be married one day, he will love your mom too. How cool is that?

BATTLE 3: Making choices in my life alone.

Should I live here or there? Should I change this in my business or that? Should I cut my hair (maybe going for the Mohawk style)? Should I buy the 50-pack can of peas at Costco because I can save money, or just wait and spend the money buying 3 at a time at Food Lion? I love that I can go to God, asking his Spirit to guide me. I am also blessed that I have a huge network of friends as well as an advisory council to help. I am not alone.

BATTLE 4: The serious battle of loneliness and discouragement.

Life wasn't supposed to be like this.

Don’t' get me wrong, I presently love my life, but there have been many times I have regretted past mistakes. I know if I had chosen better, I would have hurt much less and maybe had some of the things that others have. But God reminds me that without those mistakes, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Because I have Christ, I am not lonely anymore, and I have hope. Because I have Christ, I do not need to be discouraged, as he is in ALL things. He is not only preparing me for battle, he is in the battle ahead of me.