2.     Reorient the Church around the Missionary Identity.

If you were to move to foreign country you would take some time to think, pray, and observe the people around you. You would watch them and look for gospel opportunities. This is just what missionaries do. They do this because they know who they are. Their whole identity is oriented about being a missionary of the gospel of Christ. It is no different for us. In order to progress through the tidal wave of secularization and biblical indifference we must be thinking and acting like missionaries. You may have not realized it, but when you “signed up” to be a Christian you signed up for missions. It’s part of the deal.

3.     Be Gospel-Centered

When gospel-centrality gets hold of a church there are ripples. People get converted. Marriages get restored and strengthened. Homes become lights of hospitality and care. Churches become hubs of service and love. This is the impact of the gospel moving ahead. It is the evidence of gospel renewal in our lives and the lives around us.

So, Christian, don’t fret about what you are to do amid the changing world as if you don’t have a playbook. It is clear, tested, and it works. We just need to do what surviving churches have always done!

Erik Raymond is pastor at Emmaus Bible Church in Omaha, Nebraska. He and his wife, Christie, have six children. You can follow Erik on Twitter @erikraymond and read his blog at OrdinaryPastor.com