Sharing Sensitivity to Lostness of World—to the Experiences of Others

Sharing my faith is a great vaccine against ministering to others in a manner that is overly influenced by my level of social mobility, healthy family background, or measure of grace given to my marriage. While sharing my faith, I run into people who have given up on "church" and "religion" because "life" has dealt them a bad hand - a hand with which I often have no personal experience. As the people on the other end of my sharing of the Gospel relate to me stories of childhood molestation, abandonment by a parent or spouse, their family's fall into poverty at the death of the breadwinner, or of growing up fatherless, I am moved to pity for them. However, if I stay in my isolated and protected world of a strong Christian church, and a faithful and loving family, I will miss hearing of the ravages of sin in the lives of others. By sharing the Gospel I stay sensitive to the various forms and consequences of sin in the lives of people.

Sharing Makes You Faithful to the Great Commission—to Giving Gospel to the lost

The most obvious benefit to ourselves is that we are obedient to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20), and thus to the Lord. This comes with the added benefit of the promised presence of God himself: "I will be with you always, even until the end of the age."

Share your faith with others. You will bless them with the offer of the Lord's love, grace, mercy, joy, and peace through the preaching of the Gospel. In doing so, the sharing will bless you too.

Eric C. Redmond is Executive Pastoral Assistant and Bible Professor in Residence at New Canaan Baptist Church in Washington, DC.  Follow Eric at his blog, A Man from Issachar, and on Twitter @EricCRedmond.