And it’s easy enough to guess why. Religion only introduces potential controversy into otherwise pleasant and placid relationships. Why rock the boat with likely disagreements that might leave somebody feeling unaffirmed or judged?

Yet evangelism and worldview change require communication. We need to engage others with the truth of Christianity.

How do we negotiate the speed bumps? The way we negotiate speed bumps when we’re driving: slowly and deliberately. We understand what we believe and engage our neighbors with sensitivity motivated by genuine love.

I’m convinced that this begins as we re-experience the Gospel ourselves and learn once again that Jesus, who is too good to be true, is not only true, but The Truth.

The worldview of the West took decades to get to the freedom-threatening state it’s in today. Establishing a new worldview will also take decades — assuming that it’s possible at all.

In the near term, progress forward depends on God’s people rejecting relativism and universalism as we present Christ lovingly to our friends, family and neighbors.

James Tonkowich is a writer and scholar at The Institute on Religion & Democracy where his focus is the intersection between faith and the public square, where worldview makes all the difference in the world. Jim worked with Chuck Colson, managing his daily BreakPoint radio commentary, founding a magazine, writing, speaking, and developing curriculum including the Centurions Program. He is a regular contributor to and also works with The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, Oxford House Research, and other policy institutes. Learn more about Jim at