'I know we just met and this might seem a little sudden...but ah.....could I borrow five hundred dollars?'

'Go ahead and Super Size; I found spare change in the sofa today.'

'Something tells me that you're very special...but with medication I can usually ignore it.'

'I don't see my ex-girlfriend that much... thanks to the U.S. Department of Justice.'

'You don't mind if I clip my toe nails while we wait for the Big Mac's, do you?'

'Not to be picky or anything.... but is that what you're wearing?'

A fellow takes his blonde girlfriend to the movies. The movie is good but pretty soon they are starting to get the 'munchies.

"I'll go to the concession stand and get us something to eat. What would like me to bring back for you?" he asks his girl friend.

"Oh, M & M's, please!!" she replies.

The fellow is back in no time and gives his date her M & M's and they settle back to watching the movie. But something starts to bother the guy.... his date is throwing away all the brown M & M's!   Huh??

"Why are you throwing out all the brown one's? he asks.

"Silly...  I'm allergic to chocolate!"