Even though I grew up hearing Ephesians 6:12 quoted many times—“we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places”—I just hadn’t given much thought about demons. I wasn’t looking for them. I didn’t believe—and still don’t believe—they are under every rock and hiding in every nook and cranny. I was an average guy who was just living a normal life. 

The story I am about to share is true and has not been embellished in any way to make it more scintillating and strange than it actually was. I don’t believe I’m crazy and the people around me today seem to concur. This is not a vision or a product of my imagination. It actually happened to me. 

I will never forget the day Satan called… 

Chapter 1 
The Call

It was the week before Halloween 1988. It figures. Isn’t that the time you would expect a story like mine to begin? 

Actually I wasn’t expecting anything at all. For me Halloween was nothing more than a time for Harvest Festivals, passing out candy to adorable little kids that would troop up to the door in their cute little costumes, the occasional report of someone getting their car windows “soaped” or “egged”—but not a serious holiday with spiritual meaning. Other than some scary ads for movies on television, Halloween did not conjure up spooky feelings or dread. After all, I was a healthy, well-adjusted adult living in a flesh and blood world. Yes, I was a Christian and believed God’s Spirit lived in my heart. I believed in angels and even demons, but more on a theoretical basis than something I would ever face and experience. 

I was never so wrong about something in my life. 

It was a typical Thursday morning as I began my normal routine, which was to head to the production studio to begin working on announcements that would play during my segment on the radio. I worked for a radio station that was located in and part of the largest church in North America at that time. I produced all on air announcements and hosted a mid-day show Monday through Friday. The day seemed normal; production work, phone calls, short meetings, and preparing myself mentally for my mid-day air shift. 

A little before 10 a.m., just minutes before I went on the air live, I remember shuffling all of the stuff on my desk into neat piles and then heading down the hall to the main studio where I would interact on air for the next three hours. We had a great news team that worked across the hall. As I opened the door to enter my studio I saw Rick the news director hang up the request line phone. I was a little surprised that he was over in the main studio and that he was answering my phone. As my friend turned around and faced me, all the color had drained from his face. You’ve heard of people going white as a ghost. I’ll never again question what that means and looks like. I literally saw someone go white as a ghost. I was taken back, and strange for me, I was speechless. I wasn’t real sure what to say to him or even what to ask him. Rick sat shaking and looked at me for a minute and then said loudly and forcefully that he had just talked to a demon on the phone. 

This brought me back to my senses. Now I knew it must really be the Halloween season and someone was trying to play a joke on me. So I belted out a loud courtesy laugh, ready to give him kudos for his great acting job. He really had looked scared.