This is what I experienced—and it was something I had never experienced before. The sound literally takes your breath away. In some cases, as I was soon to discover, the temperature in the room feels as though it has dropped to near freezing. That didn’t happen now, but there was no doubt this was a real spiritual encounter. 

The demon stated that he was going to kill Lacey and there was nothing we could do to save her. He triumphantly stated that she belonged to Satan. He told us to stay away from her or to suffer the consequences. Lacey came back on the line and was in tears asking what was happening to her. She begged us to help her. My head was spinning. Lacey would speak and then the demon would break in to tell us we could not save her. Sometimes he would scream and yell curses and blasphemies at us. 

Now please remember I was never taught much about the reality of demons, much less how to deal with a demon. I was clueless. From the recesses of my childhood memories I did remember something the missionary who had spoken at our church had said. He told us how a Christian can bind Satan in Jesus’ Name. So I did what I thought would solve the problem. I yelled into the phone with as much courage as I could muster, “In Jesus’ name you most go! I bind you in Jesus’ name.” I’ll never forget the response. It was not what I expected. 

The demon in a very quiet voice said, “—you, I am going nowhere.” 

Maybe I hadn’t said it with enough conviction. Maybe it took more than one time to work. So with a little more courage and in an even louder voice I repeated, “In Jesus’ Name you most go! I bind you in Jesus’ Name.” 

I received the same response from the demon on the phone. That was my very best effort in spiritual warfare. 

We had drawn a small crowd of colleagues to the studio by this time and the morning deejay was spinning records on air to cover for me. Sad to say there wasn’t anyone else around that had any more of a clue of what to do than I did. I didn’t realize at the time that Satan will test you to see if you really know your power is in Christ alone. I learned first hand and quickly he will intimidate you and put a fear in you so that you believe there is nothing you can do. 

In this case it worked. 

Lacey hung up on us but called back just a little while later. This continued all day on Thursday until late in the evening. The phone calls would last for five minutes or so. I would talk to Lacey and then the demon and then the phone would go dead. 

On one of her calls Lacey shared with me that when she was younger the coven she was in had sacrificed her baby. I was stunned and incredulous, which I didn’t think was possible after all I had already heard from her. She explained that she was a “breeder” and the witches used her and other young women to bear children so they would have babies to kill and even eat during certain satanic holidays. She told me she was born to be a breeder. She had not been allowed to go out in public and had never attended school. 

Later we discovered she had no birth certificate or other government identification so there was no record of her existence, much less her having been pregnant or having a baby. I was horrified by everything she was telling me. I may not have believed in demons or satanic activity before, but I did now. I was terrified but I am not the kind of guy who gives up very easily on people. And I wasn’t going to give up on Lacey—though if I knew then what I know now, I might not have kept picking up the phone.