This was the day Satan called. 

I wasn’t ready for it. Maybe it’s not possible for anyone to be prepared for a jolt like this. 

But God was present and working in and through me, despite my limited knowledge and feeble faith

So I resolved that no matter what, I would continue to pick up the phone. And with God’s grace I did...

Author’s Note on Names and Places: Lacey is the real name of the one who reached out to me on my call-in  line that was the beginning of this story for me. Beyond that, I have changed the names of most participants. When you read the last chapters of The Day Satan Called you will better understand my desire to protect the identity and privacy of a central character in my story. I’ve also left out place names for the same reason. The events and conversations are all true. 

Excerpted from The Day Satan Called(FaithWords, 2011). Used with permission.

Bill Scott is the founder of Free Our Family, a ministry focusing on hurting families. He has spoken at youth events, on college campuses, and started the first online crisis hotline serving over 250,000 students. Bill is also a radio station consultant, and he can be heard throughout the United States both through interviews and fundraising. He and his wife Janet reside in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Follow Bill's story online at

Publication date: October 17, 2011