So, just what is our thesis? Our thesis is that everyone of us who loves Jesus Christ is given a spiritual gift or two or three. These gifts will pass. We are not to pride ourselves in them. They are tools to be used to the glory of Jesus Christ. Our motivation should be love. When we make love our aim, we are not content to live in our own little world of spiritual ecstasy. That world is okay if it recharges our batteries in private, if it brings us closer to the Lord. Our faith, though, is ultimately to be expressed in words and deeds directed to the glory of Jesus Christ, motivated by a deep agape love.

So, once again, I ask you the question, What is your motivation?

When all is said and done, who has had the greatest impact on you spiritually? I'll have to say the greatest impact on me spiritually has been made by men and women who have modeled what it is to love Jesus Christ and have been willing to share that with me in a way that I could understand both in word and deed. There have been people who are brilliant in their knowledge of Scripture but were not motivated by love. These people left me cold. I learned their truth. But it was the winsomeness of the one who really cared that commended itself to me.

Let all things be done for building up. Speak the truth. Speak it clearly, intelligibly, and may it be undergirded by love!


John A. Huffman, Jr. is Senior Pastor of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach, CA.