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Hi, Alex Crain, with Crosswalk.com. Today, we’re on the phone with Jeff Foxworthy. He’s the host of “The American Bible Challenge” on the Game Show Network, which premieres this Thursday, August 23rd at 8:00pm, 7:00 central.

Alex: Jeff, thanks for being with us today.

Jeff: Thank you for having me.

Alex: Great. Well, we want to get right into “The American Bible Challenge” and your role in it.  

And just, can you briefly describe “The American Bible Challenge” for those who aren’t familiar with it yet?

Jeff: Yeah, it’s a game show about the Bible. You know, when GSN (Game Show Network) first contacted me, and obviously I guess because of the success of “Are You Smarter than a Fifth-Grader?” and said, you know, would you be interested in doing something like this with the Bible, I really had to take a step back and I’m like:

“Whoa, would it be okay to do something like that?”

And, you know Alex, here’s the thing that finally sold me on it is… nobody on the show is playing for a dime for themselves.

Everybody is taking whatever money they win and they’re turning around and they’re loving somebody or blessing somebody in their community. Whether it’s a food pantry, or a youth crisis center, or, you know… teenage pregnancy, or clean water wells, or whatever the thing was. Everybody’s giving all of it away.

And so, within the Bible, the only people… the only people Jesus ever got frustrated with were the Matthew 22:34 who had all this head knowledge, but they didn’t have heart knowledge.

And so, on this show, yeah, you gotta have the head knowledge to answer the questions, but these people, they were out there doing this long before we came up with this show. They, you know, they were loving on somebody.

And I think… if we all did that… you know, I think people in the secular world, if they looked at it and just saw people loving on somebody else that would make us much more appealing.

Alex: That’s great. Well, that does set the show apart and makes it unique.

Talking about the specific categories, I noticed that one of the question categories is “Bible Rednecks.”

So, you knew this question had to come up. What Bible character do you, Jeff Foxworthy, think is the most redneck?

Jeff: There’s a lot of those people in the Bible! You know, Samson tied foxes’ tails together and set ‘em on fire so they would burn up his neighbor’s fields!

You know, the longest recorded conversation that Jesus had was with the woman at the well. Well, she’d been divorced five times and was shacked up with guy number six! You know, if there’d been trailers, she’d have been living in one. And yet, this was the woman that went back to the entire community and said, “I have found Living Water. Come back with me.”

You know, I think Jesus kind of likes rednecks. He sure did use a lot of them.

Alex: That’s good. Well, hey, many are saying that America is really in dire need of spiritual revival. Are you hoping, Jeff, some way that “The American Bible Challenge” can be instrumental in that?

Jeff: You know, I hope so. I think, Alex, the fact that it’s not on a Christian network, it’s on the Game Show Network is a cool start in that direction.