You know, and I think we’re a nation… I think we have more faith than we confess to. But I think somewhere along the line being a Christian became uncool. Because that’s the message the world sends you. It’s…

“You’re the man! You’re the man!”

You know…

“Show people how rich you are. Show people how cool you are.”

And we’re not. We’re just not. You can pretend to be that way.

You know, to me it’s cooler to have faith, to go: “Here’s the good news. The good news is it’s not based on my performance.” Because many, many times I’m gonna fall short. I fall short on a daily basis.

It’s, “Thank you that there is a God, that it’s based on His goodness. The fact that He loved me enough, He didn’t even wait on me to start performing right before He paid the price for me.”

To me, that’s cool. And I think, as a nation, man, if we could ever get back to that point and just throw your arms out and go…

“You know what? It’s not based on my goodness or my coolness. It’s based on how good God is.”

Alex: Well, thank you, Jeff, for your time. It’s been great hearing your heart about this exciting new game show. We’re really hoping that “The American Bible Challenge” is successful for you and for the Game Show Network.

Jeff: Thank you so much, Alex. Have a great day. interviews jeff foxworthy about his inspirational new game show from crosswalkcom on godtube.