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GoPro Video Reminds Us to Enjoy Summer

  • Ryan Duncan blogspot for and Ryan Duncan, Entertainment and Culture editor
  • Updated May 27, 2015

Do you remember what summer was like when you were a child? I can still picture the last day of school, how I’d hold my breath and try to avoid looking at the clock. Once the bell rang there would be a stampede of children out the door, and sunlight always felt so liberating! As I grew older, the green season lost much of its luster. I guess, like many adults, I just forgot to enjoy summer.

Thankfully, a short GoPro video is reminding families what summer is about. The video, which appeared on Relevant Magazine’s homepage, came with this brief summery,       

A new video from GoPro captures in-air reactions of summer campers participating in that time-honored, surprisingly dangerous, awesome camp activity: the blob. May we not forget. ...

Click here to watch this summer video