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Technology (and Having a Playful Marriage) for Morons

Jen Hatmaker’s latest blog is a humorous peek into the world of a not-so-savvy user of technology: namely, Jen herself. A great “tragedy” of her life, she explains is “trying to figure out technology by myself.” A tragedy exacerbated when her husband, Brandon, is unable to help her figure things out.

“The problem is that I am dumb in these areas and Brandon is smart, so he does all this ‘setting up’ and ‘programming’ and ‘downloading’ then he gives me tutorials while I am ‘working’ so it’s hard to ‘listen’ and plus there are so many buttons and they make me sad. There are usually kids around who are like freakish little technology elves who yank the remote(s) out of my hands and make the music and the shows and the movies magically appear.

But the elves were all at school and Brandon was leading ‘staff meeting’ and wouldn’t answer my text about the Pandora crisis because he is incredibly selfish, and I was left to my own devices, which I’ve tried to explain is always the beginning of bad things.”

Jen’s signature wit, sarcasm, and self-deprecation make it nigh-impossible to refrain from smiling as she continues to list her technological escapades and finally (hurrah!) succeeding in getting her Pandora station to play – even without much sought-after help from her husband.

This little episode of Jen and Brandon’s is an example of enjoying marriage even in the midst of the grind, as written about by Crosswalk author Whitney Hopler. When you find yourselves in ridiculous situations, Hopler writes, remember to laugh together.

“Humor is a gift from God that can benefit your marriage in many ways, including reducing stress and tension, improving you and your spouse’s health, and creating bonds that build intimacy in your marriage. So incorporate laughter into each day together, as much as possible. Refuse to take each other too seriously to laugh about your human foibles.”

Another point Hopler makes, well-exhibited by the playful texts and banter of the Hatmakers, is to:

“Keep fun a priority in your marriage for as long as God gives both of you to live. Think about the legacy you’ll leave behind on Earth; decide to make a fun-filled marriage part of that legacy to inspire others.”

Who’s the technology-wizard in your marriage? How do you enjoy each other and keep each other lighthearted through tough times? Let us know in the comments below!

Debbie Holloway is the Family Life Editor for

Publication date: February 26, 2014