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Last week I posed this question:

Should Christians sit this election out?

You responded. Today we take a look at some of those responses with comments from your Bad Christian Laureate. First some thoughts from those who disagree with me.

I understand the point you are trying to make BUT!!!!!! I believe that our responsibility as a Christian out weighs our responsibility as an American.


Not sure what to make of the all-caps and highly exclamated “but”. Nonetheless, the point of my article is not whether our first priority is to Christ or to country. I think most Evangelicals would answer that without debate. It seems to me that scripture is clear that we have dual citizenship. Our top priority is as future citizens of heaven but we have responsibilities in this life as well. The writer continues…

I served in the military and do not take the privilege of being an American lightly, but I believe that our first priority is to stand for Christ. I will not and can not understand how anyone that "claims" to be a Christian could vote for someone who believes that murdering 144,000 baby's a year is ok!!!! If anyone can show me in the Bible where it says that we should support a person that stands for abortion just for the sake of exercising the right as an American to vote then I'll change my point of view. The Bible says the we are either for Christ or against Him. I believe that if we stand for God and what is right things like the economy, immigration,taxes and the war will be handled by God, who by the way is a lot more able to handle these things than us.


Bonus rant. Can I be honest here? The lowest form of discourse for me is the anyone who “claims” to be a Christian argument. That is a show stopper for me. That phrase makes me feel judged, diminished and I am no longer interested in your point. You can make a persuasive and powerful argument for the sanctity of life without accusing others of not having a saving faith. Make your point with grace and persuade with truth. It works. End of Bonus Rant.


I was confused by the writer’s point. John McCain, if nominated, is strongly pro-life in terms of abortion. Hugh Hewitt wrote a column titled Seven Reasons to Support the GOP Candidate. Reason number one is the war. The other six are the Supreme Court Justices that are over the age of 68. Just know that the next President may select from 1 to 6 justices to the court that shapes the interpretation of the law of the land.

I care deeply about the unborn. I also care deeply about the already born. Allow me to quote a Christian that has some credibility on another important issue and what this election means. He is the father of an officer who has finished two tours in Iraq.

My son's buddies have served an average of 28 months in Iraq and have come home without men. Bob stood over a young private who was dying 
while he tried to call in the medivac. Two captains from his unit were killed in one day and Tara helped the widows through the funerals.

So, Dobson is stomping his little feet because there is no candidate?   One wants to bring the troops home so that these boys died in vain; 
the other wants to win. There is always a choice and your dad was right and I join you in all caps.


Many of you wanted to “send a message” by voting for a third party or write-in candidate. 

I am not bound to vote for either the Republican or Democrat Party's candidate. There are independents and third partys and the ever available write-in. You could argue those are "wasted" votes I suppose but my conscience will be clear once I vote for someone I heartily agree with rather than the "viable" candidate whose values I least detest. The lesser of two evils remains evil. If we as Christians want to make a statement about this year's political offerings, the best way to do it is to flee en mass from BOTH the Dems and GOP. Continuing to back a "not TOO repulsive" candidate will only get us more of the same in 2012.

That is the thought process that caused millions to cast votes for Ross Perot and send Bill Clinton to the White House. Did that message result in better candidates? I would argue that the best way for Christians to make a statement is to stay together as a voting block. Nothing would please those opposed to the moral issues that concern evangelicals more than seeing that group’s influence splintered. Please think carefully about the consequences.

Finally, I end with this comment from another reader.

Keep up the good work. We've got a lot in common (early fifties, Ohio native, Reds fan, three sons, sports fan, sarcastic, etc.)

Sarcastic? Moi? Anyone else see that?

More of your comments tomorrow. Keep’em coming.

Dave Burchett is an Emmy Award winning television sports director, author, and Christian speaker. He is the author of When Bad Christians Happen to Good People and Bring'em Back Alive: A Healing Plan for those Wounded by the Church. You can reply by linking through daveburchett.com




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