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Help Wanted!!

~~I am nearing completion of my book manuscript. How exciting is that?

As I pray through each chapter, I can only ask that God will use my words to bring hope to hurting people around the world. I pray that those walking through the pain and devastation of adultery and divorce find practical steps to help them through this season, to find assurance that there is still a beautiful future despite their current circumstances. I ask God to let every reader know that he/she is not alone, that there’s an army of Christians walking through this darkness together, and that we are still loved by our Savior.

Many of you have shared your story with me, stories which I am incorporating into my blog as I finish my book. Now, I am looking for more stories, stories to use in my book. Are you willing to open your lives to the world? Are you willing to let others see the struggle? Are you willing to be open, honest, vulnerable?

If you are willing to share your story with me, please send me an email at In the subject line, please put one of the following topics:

The Storm: Tell me about the moment your marriage ended, the moment you learned of your spouse’s infidelity. Were you taken by surprise? Did you believe that your marriage was solid? How did it affect you? What did you think? Feel? Did you make poor choices in the aftermath?

Surrender: Did you have a moment of surrender, a moment of accepting this painful situation? Did you pray a prayer that caused you to quit striving, quit trying to understand? What was that prayer? Did you ask God to take the mess and use it for his glory?

Forgiveness: Did you have a moment of forgiveness, an encounter where you extended forgiveness? Have you forgiven the other woman/man? What does forgiving your former spouse look like? How has forgiveness changed you? How did it set the tone for your future? How do you keep bitterness and anger at bay?

Acceptance: How have you chosen to accept this journey, to embrace it? What does that look like? How have you tried to take steps to enjoy the journey, to let the journey change you?

Responsibility: What responsibility did you have in the failure of your marriage? How did you contribute to the break-down of your relationship? How did you assess the situation and accept responsibility for your part? What have you changed in your life, your relationships as a result of assessing your marriage?

Mindset: How has your mindset helped or hindered you? Have you made a decision to move forward, set your mind on embracing your life and finding ways to thrive?

Identity: What scriptures have helped you believe what God says about you? How have you put aside the voices of shame and condemnation?

Integrity: What have you done in the name of integrity? Do you have a story about how you did the right thing even when it hurt, even when it went against everything this world would tell you to do? How have you taken the high road, despite your ex-spouse’s actions? Why have you chosen integrity? What impact has walking in integrity had on your life? How has God blessed you for your choices?

Fellowship: What role has your family played in your recovery? What role has the church played? How have others helped you move forward into a place of healing? How have you allowed the body of Christ to step in and minister to you?

Lessons Learned: What lessons have you learned through this season of life? How has your faith changed and grown? How is your life better than it was before? How has God redeemed the pain?

Rediscover: What kinds of things have you done to make sure that you live a full and meaningful life? What challenges have you accepted that you never would have before? How did you rediscover yourself, redefine who you are? What have you done to push yourself, to become a better version of yourself? What was your motivation?

Dating: Do you have any dating stories? Successes or failures? How have you navigated the strange waters of dating post-divorce? What advice would you give someone ready to begin that new adventure?

Reconciling Divorce and Remarriage: How have you reconciled your divorce and/or remarriage with scripture? What do scriptures such as Malachi 2:16 mean? What thoughts do you have on Jesus words on divorce? Paul’s words on remarriage?

Tell Your Story: Have you been telling your story? How has telling your story impacted you? Have you had the opportunity to encourage others? What advice would you give others about living authentic and honest lives?

Don’t worry about perfect grammar. I will summarize and place it in the book as it works.

And, if you’d like to be on an email mailing list for updates on book release, please send me an email ( or add a comment on my blog with your email. I will send you updates on when and where you can get the book.

Thank you all for your support! You are amazing and make me the most blessed woman on the face of the earth! Hugs and prayers to all!