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A Missionary Cleverly Disguised

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  • 2005 Dec 08

7:10 AM Several years ago I received an email from a someone who had read one of my books and found it helpful in his battle with cancer. Among other things, he included these sentences in his note to me:


Cancer clarifies.
Cancer makes concise.
Cancer clears away the cobwebs.

I have quoted those sentences many times in the last two years and have found them to be true in a personal way. This week the man sent me another email. It was the first time I had heard from him in at least two years. Here is his ongoing testimony:

Hello Pastor Ray, I am not sure if you remember me but thought I would let you know how things are with me. Some time ago I told you about my cancer and how things were with me, well in two weeks it will be two years since they told me I had two years to live. My primary cancer is stage 4 Liver cancer, however the cancer has now spread to my lower and upper back, left shoulder and hip and pelvis. I just got done with Radiation for the left hip and pelvis because I was having trouble walking. To date I have had 3 rounds of Chemo. and Radiation twice, ten treatments each time. I am only telling you this much so I can get to the punch line, to see me, I don't look any different than I did two years ago and I can still do most anything I want to. 

At first my chemo doctor didn't want to hear the word Miracle or God but he has completely changed, even my therapist says we changed how he is with other patients. He has even given the O.K. for my Oncologist to start a spiritual based support group at the hospital. When I was first diagnosed a friend of mine came to pray for me here at my house and told me that God had laid it on her heart that someone at the cancer center needed to hear about God's Love and Works. I just felt I had to let you in on the miracle that's happening in my life. I could go on and on about how many GREAT things have happened to me since this all began but I think you get the picture.

Here is a man with what would seem to be hopeless situation who is redeeming the time for the Lord. God bless him and his positive attitude. He is a missionary cleverly disguised as a cancer patient.

7:01 AM A big Thursday shout out to Kay Olsen, Andrew Herdliska, Pat Williams, "Old Tractor," Bill Ogden, Vernon D. Peterson, Bob Hawkins, Jr., Chris and Kara Jones, Emil and Joy Jirsa, Don Rood, Lynnean Celmer, Dan and Linda Hoeksema, Warren, Seekell, Tim and Beverly LaHaye, Joel Holtz, Pastor H. B. Charles, Jr., Al Webber, Rusty and Karen in PA (I think), Lee and Margie Fay, and to Dick Molenhouse and Becky Pippert.
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