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Another Perspective on the Perfect Church

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  • 2006 Oct 16

A friend sent this in an email and I thought it was so good that it ought to be shared with everyone. My friend hopes for . . .

1) A church that prays for and supports their Pastor and Board (not because they are perfect)...but in obedience to God.

2) A church where forgiveness is more important than being right.

3) A church where new people coming in ...feel welcomed and see Jesus living in those of us that they get to meet (at least those first few Sundays).

4) A church where young children sense God's love in the attitudes of the 'grown-ups' in the congregation that they see on a regular basis.

5) A church where anticipation and joy in God's provisions of giftedness in (the least likely people) is overflowing...joy when someone very quiet ...sings a solo during worship for the first time and you can see their joy in worship even through the nervousness.

6) When on the church's man either teaches or preaches for the first time...and they are so transparently in tune with God.

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