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Bad News from North of the Border

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  • 2004 Jun 03


The news out of Canada is not encouraging today. The Anglican Church of Canada has voted to affirm the sanctity and integrity of adult same-sex relationships. In one sense, this really isn't news at all since the liberal wing of the Anglican Church has been pushing in this direction for a long time. But note the word "sanctity," which comes from the biblical concept of holiness. There is no "sanctity" in homosexuality because there is no holiness in sin. The words of Isaiah 5:20 come to mind: "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil."


Apparently supporters delayed pushing for full approval of same-sex blessing ceremonies in Anglican churches because of concerns over "worldwide Anglican unity." Let's get one thing straight: There is no worldwide Anglican unity and no unity is possible on this issue.


The great divide in Christianity is no longer between Protestants and Catholics. The great divide is between those who believe the Bible and those who don't. The people who support homosexuality don't believe the Bible. It's really as simple as that. And between those two groups, there is really nothing in common. They are practicing two different religions under the same name. No wonder the people in the pews are confused.


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