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French Translation of Anchor to be Released in August

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  • 2007 Jun 30

A year ago I was invited to speak at a conference in Montreal this November. As part of the preparation for the conference, we received permission from Moody Publishers to produce a special French translation of An Anchor for the Soul. Originally we planned to print only enough copies for those attending the conference. Yesterday I received the following email from the executive director of the sponsoring organization:

"Just want to let you know that the publishing house here has agreed not only to print 500 copies of your book in French for MEF , but they’ve worked out a deal with Moody to make your book available to ALL the French world - anyone at any time can purchase the book!

"The director read both the English and the French translation and was so impressed that he said we needed to make sure this book was available to everyone in the francophone world.

"It’s supposed to be ready by August 27th."

An Anchor for the Soul has now been published in the following languages: English, Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, Dutch, Spanish, French, Portuguese.

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