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  • 2009 Feb 08

On Friday I sent out a new sermon called From Rahab to Jesus based on the story of the prostitute who hid the spies when they came to search out the city of Jericho (you can find the story in Joshua 2 and Joshua 6). Because she hid them and then hung a scarlet cord out her window, she was spared when Joshua and his army destroyed the city.

One singular fact dominates this story. Rahab was a prostitute. A harlot. A call girl. A woman of the night. And you could add other terms as well. If you start adding all the barriers that stood between her and salvation, it is a daunting list.

She was a woman.
She was a Gentile.
She was a harlot.

Plus she told a lie when they asked her to bring the spies out. Put it all together and she’s not the best candidate for salvation. Yet she shows up in the Hall of Fame in Hebrews 11 along with Noah, Abraham and Moses.

I included this section near the end of the sermon:

So what’s your sin? You may be reading this sermon and right now you feel unworthy to go to heaven. If so, I have wonderful news for you. Only unworthy people go to heaven. The people who think they are “worthy” end up in hell. So if you’ve been sleeping around, or messing around, or fooling around, or making one stupid mistake after another, I’ve got good news for you. Your sin makes you an excellent candidate for salvation.

Remember . . . If God can save Rahab, he can save anyone. And that includes you.

Yesterday I got an email from a friend in military ministry who forwarded the sermon to a number of sailors in the U.S. Navy. One of them said, “This is a sermon you would rarely hear in any church.” Then I saw the email my friend had added when he sent the sermon out:

Click on the attachment for Ray’s sermon for this week. Considering the topic of sin and consequences with God’s grace added, can you honestly put your name in the following:
"FROM___________________TO JESUS.” Follow the application and the remedy for the sin in our lives. If anyone says that this is not germane, please notify immediately. I would have to get a press release ready for the world.

I had one of those “Aha!” moments when I read that because my friend summed up my sermon in that little note. Rahab stands for all of us. Can you put your name in this blank? “From ______________to Jesus.” If not, read the sermon and follow the application and the remedy for sin. 

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