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God at Work in China

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  • 2007 Aug 11

Check out this article called Christianity Finds a Fulcrum in Asia. The author puts forth a number of stunning claims and predictions, including . . .

10,000 Chinese become Christians every day.
Chinese may comprise the world’s largest concentration of Christians by 2050.
China feels an enormous spiritual hunger caused in large measure by its new-found prosperity.
The massive migration of Chinese from the countryside to the large cities contributes to their openness to the gospel.
There are now more than 100 million Christians. That number could double by 2050.
Islam will have no answer when China Christians take the gospel “back to Jerusalem.”
The house church movement is the fastest growing part of the church in China.
Chinese Christians, having suffered enormous persecution, evangelize with passionate fervor.
Freedom of worship is the first precondition for democracy.
China’s house churches may become the leaven of democracy.

Time will tell about the accuracy of these predictions, but no one can deny that God is up to something big in China. One year from now the Summer Olympics will be underway in Beijing and the eyes of the world will be on China as never before. Would you join me in praying for the spread of the gospel in China, for the strengthening of the Chinese churches, and for those who are giving themselves to take the Good News to the world’s largest nation?

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