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Happy Days

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  • 2007 Jun 22

We are enjoying happy days in Tupelo because our entire family is together again for the first time since last July. Josh and Leah arrived on Tuesday, Mark flew in on Wednesday, I came home from Dallas yesterday morning and Nick drove over in the afternoon. Last night we ate pizza, looked at family pictures, laughed, told stories, laughed some more, and then Mark and Nick wrestled on the carpet in the living room. It is so good to see all our boys having fun together. Marlene commented this morning how Leah and Josh fit together so perfectly. Nothing in this world matches the joy of having your whole family together for a few brief days. This afternoon cousin Megan is coming over to spend some time with the boys. Our little house is so full of boys (Leah doesn’t take up much space–it’s the boys that fill the place. She’s quiet and they are boisterous.) that I’m at Alan’s so I can update the weblog and work on my sermon. But I’m going back to the house as soon as I can.  

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