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"My Friend Wrote a Note to Me"

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  • 2004 Oct 21

1) Congratulations to the Red Sox on an amazing come-from-behind victory in the ALCS. I'm picking the Cubs over the Red Sox in the World Series.

2) Okay, a man can dream, can't he?

3) On Tuesday a young girl came into my office with some letters the students at Oak Park Christian Academy had written to me for Pastor Appreciation Week. All of them made me smile, but this one made me chuckle:

Dear Pastor Ray Pritchard,


Since it is pastor appreciation week now is the time to show our appreciation. This one is from me. As you probably know I'm in Sunday School class 6th grade. If I ask my mom and she will let me, I am able to skip Sunday School and listen to you since you're good at preaching. Thank you for preaching every Sunday.

Your Friend,



PS Happy Pastor Apprecation Week.

You gotta love a kid who's willing to skip Sunday School to hear you preach.

4) One of the letters came from Amber who included a drawing of a pulpit with the Bible open to John 3:16. Then there was a picture of me saying, "And God said . . . My friend wrote a note to me."

5) A boy named David wrote, "I appreciate you. Please continue your preaching. We hope you don' t leave the church. Have a good time preaching."

6) Clara, 10, wrote, "I never get bored when you preach. I like how you use actions in your ministry. You're a great pastor and you're my favorite pastor."

7) Finally, Chris wrote, "You are a great pastor that speaks the truth."


Thank you Anthony, Amber, David, Clara and Chris. And thank you, Lord, because my friends wrote notes to me.

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