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  • 2007 May 29

Last week I mentioned that we are reprinting An Anchor for the Soul and reestablishing the Book Depot. We plan to donate the books to prison ministries, military ministries, disaster relief, and for direct missionary outreach. Yesterday I answered a big stack of prisoner letters that had accumulated over the last several months. One letter came from an inmate in California named “Rocky” who sent along a poem he had written:

Life’s Grace

I live in a place of pain and hate,
A spot where food is on a steel place.
Where people cheat and lie and the weak wish to die.
We walk on a yard like we were dead
And wait for night just to go to bed.

Some find Grace and a spot for love
It’s passed down from our Lord above
But we must keep it low or we will
Dig a hole some might say as it’s the Devil’s way
It’s his yard that we play!!

This might sound sick, sad, blue!!
It's fact, it's true,
I fight each and every day to to show
God’s love is here to stay.

Amen. Rocky 2007

He added this postscript. “I got your book and I’ll pass it on!! I’m not much of a poet-writer as one may see. But it's the opening of my soul from words of wisdom you wrote. Thank you.”

We are reopening the Anchor Book Depot in order to help inmates like Rocky in prisons all over the country. We hope you will pray and also invest in this ministry as the Lord puts it on your heart.

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