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Saved After 45 Years

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  • 2009 Nov 30


During his sermon yesterday, our pastor stopped for a moment and held up a Bible that was given to him when he was in high school 45 years ago. Written in the margin were the names of four people. On a regular basis he had prayed for their salvation. One was a brother he led to Christ some years old. One was an older brother who is 76 years ago. "Last Sunday my older brother gave his heart to Christ." His voice breaking with emotion, he said, "Won't you rejoice with me?" The congregation broke out in spontaneous applause. Then he added this detail. "Before she died, my mother's last request was for my older brother's salvation." Last Sunday that prayer was finally answered.

Holding up the Bible, now worn from decades of use, the pastor said that 3 of the 4 people have been saved.

"Never give up," he said. "Never stop praying." Then he added, "It's never too late to come to Christ."

I have no idea who that fourth person is, but since God never wastes a burden, I believe they will be saved eventually. 

God bless the pastor who as a teenager wrote down that list of names and never gave up. The lesson for all of us clear. You never know what the Lord will do if you pray and never give up.

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