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Some Advice for the Discontented

  • Dr. Ray Pritchard
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  • 2008 Feb 20

We have just posted a new sermon called Some Advice to the Discontented. Here’s an excerpt:

"You are where you are right now because God wants you there. You may be happy about your current circumstances or you may be miserable. Most likely you are somewhere in between. It doesn’t matter. You are where you are at this moment because God wants you there. How do I know that? Because if God wanted you somewhere else, you’d be somewhere, and when he does want you somewhere else, that’s where you will be. If God is God, that must be true."

"When God says, “I carried you to Babylon,” he wants his children to know that though they have sinned grievously, he has not forgotten them. He carried them to Babylon—partly as judgment and partly as a sign of his mercy. They certainly understood the judgment part. They would understand the mercy part later. Sometimes the most we can say is, “I know I am here because God wants me here. I don’t know why, but I know I am not here by chance.” It is a great advance in the life of faith to be able to say that much—even if you can’t say anything else."

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