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Hate Crimes Bill Equals Turning God's Word into Hate Speech

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  • Published Oct 16, 2005

S. 1145, also known as the Local Law Enforement Enhancement Act of 2005 says in part, "The incidence of of violence motivated by the actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability of the victim poses a serious nationl problem" (emphasis mine). 

In that one omnious sentence homosexuality has broken through the glass ceiling of being a chosen lifestyle to the point of being protected by law.  True, this particular bill would not levy criminal penatlities to those who preach against homosexuality but it opens the door to protected civil rights status for a chosen sexual lifestyle and it raises the specter of additional legislation which would curtail the rights of Evangelical Christians to point out that homosexuality, according to the Bible, is sinful behavior. 

Two countries have already passed so-called hate crimes laws which have subsequently  been used to prosecute pastors.  In 2004, Swedish Pentecostal Pastor Ake Green was successfully prosecuted and sent to prison for a month for preaching a sermon where he described homosexual acts as "abnormal, a horrible cancerous tumor in the body of society." 

In Aberta, Canada the Rev. Stephen Boissoin finds himself under the threat of thousands of dollars in fines for nothing more than writing a letter to the editor of a local newspaper expressing his anger at the fact that public schools in Canada are engaged in "indoctrination in favor of the gay lifestyle." 

In this country, homosexual activists have long pushed the scienfitic community to come up with indisputable evidence that homosexuality is determined at birth and therefore, is not a choice and cannot be changed.  So far, despite the occasional premature announcement and banner headline of a scientific breakthough in this area, there is currently no credible scientific evidence that homosexuality is anything but a chosen lifestyle. 

Homosexual activists have also leaned heavily on a left of center activist court system to impose their will over the will of the people.  Recently in California, Governor Swar