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GLSEN Retracts Denial: Offensive Booklet Was At Brookline HS

As has been reported by the Boston Herald and on many blogs, the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) denied placing the Little Black Book (warning: nudity and extremely graphic descriptions of sexual acts) at an event attended by middle and high schools students.


All day GLSEN Boston denied the allegations saying the story was a lie of the "far right." Just tonight the denial has turned into an admission. Check out the links to read their admission.


Of course all of these events raise the issue of how this could happen. After initially denying that explicit sexually was discussed at a teach-in at Tufts University in 2000, GLSEN finally admitted that students were in fact exposed to graphic descriptions of sexual acts. At that time, GLSEN's leaders said such explicit material would never again be at one of their conferences. However, explicit material was available and they are saying they did not even know it until a grandparent pointed it out - and as we have noted, the folks at Article8 in MA.


I have been told that the leaders involved were denying the matter until a grandmother who attended the event with her grandson volunteered to take a polygraph test to verify that she picked up this booklet at the booth of the Fenway Community Health Services. Agape Press will have an exclusive story in the morning concerning this issue.


Any reasonable person has to wonder why it would take a determined eyewitness to make these groups acknowledge something they knew occurred. I have been studying GLSEN for quite awhile and I am not surprised by this shifting version of events.


Parents who know of such events should certainly be vigilant to see what materials are distributed and schools with gay-straight alliances should be queried to see what materials are available to students attending these meetings.   

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