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Come Out of the Tombs to Live in Freedom

His hair was matted, filthy, his face streaked with dirt, his anger so intense, not even chains could keep him bound. His body, naked. Whether he was pushed from his home, having destroyed the relationships he once held dear and told never to return, or whether he ran from his loved ones, we don’t know. But by the time Jesus found this dirty, smelling, unclothed man, he was living in tombs.

A dead man living among the dead.

No love. No joy. No hope for better.

I assume most had given up on this man, believing his heart was too dark, his mind too depraved to every change.

So he remained alone, in the tombs.

That’s where Jesus found Him, and saw him, truly saw him. And Jesus, the man’s Creator, God in flesh, loved the person imprisoned in this dirty, lifeless, hopeless shell.

And God brought healing.

He restored him to wholeness.

Jesus brought the light of life into this man’s darkened soul, and in a moment, his life was changed forever.

Jesus offers this same radical change for each of us.

What has you in shackles and is keeping you from living the full and victorious life Christ promised? Give it to Him in full surrender, trusting Him to lead you from the tombs to abundant, radiant life.

Perhaps God has led you from the tombs. Friend, remember what it felt like to live in isolation and chains. Don’t ever forget, and use that not forgetting to show the way of freedom for the walking dead all around you. Real love is active. It helps, it seeks, it initiates, it sacrifices. Real love is life changing.

What will you do today to grab hold of and live in the abundant life Christ died to grant you?

What will you do today to show that life to someone else?

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