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The Face of Slavery is an Innocent School Girl

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  • 2012 Feb 20
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*Please note the contents of this video may be emotionally disturbing and not appropriate for anyone under 13. But it's a little girl's real life story. Click the picture above to watch the video.




This is not okay. That's obvious. 

When I watch stories like this, something inside my heart begins to swell. First with anger and confusion, how could this really be happening?! Then sadness and grief set in, I want to hold that sweet girl and tell her I'm sorry and that she is loved, precious, and valued. Last, I feel helplessness, this issue is way too monstrous for a 23-year-old girl like me to make a difference.

But that's just not true. There is something I can do.

I can tell my little part of the world about this horrific form of 21st-century slavery. I can raise money to fund organizations that are preventing, rescuing, and restoring girls pulled, saved, and booted from this disgusting industry. I can help prevent girls from desperately running into sex trafficking by teaching the ones in my life that they are valued, loved, and cherished as they are.  It's not a lot. But it is something! And you can do something too. 

-Give $5, $10, or $24 in honor of my 24th birthday. (We only need $944 more!)

-Tweet or Facebook about this post to spread the word about Love146 

-Learn more about what exactly sex trafficking looks like in our culture

-Talk to the girls in your life about these issues. I'll do my part, you do yours, and together we can change the world. I promise. 


By Julianna Morlet. Connect with Julianna on Facebook, Twitter, or her Blog.

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