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Apple Brands Dominate Youth Market

The new 2012 Harris Poll Youth EquiTrend® study, by Harris Interactive reveals Apple's computers, iPads and iPhones rank highest in the technology youth market (ages 13 to 24.) The annual study benchmarks the brands that America's youth prefer and those that have the ability to dominate their industries' youth market share.

Top brands according to the study:


Segment                  Category*                                                          Brand of the Year
Food & Beverage     Sweet Treats                                                      Hershey's Milk Chocolate Candy Bars
                                 Breakfast Cereals                                              Cheerios Cereal
                                 Cookies                                                              Oreo Cookies
                                 Sodas (among 13-24 year olds)                        Sprite
                                 Fruit Flavored Drinks (among 8-18 year olds)   Capri Sun
                                 Fruit Juices                                                         Minute Maid Juices

Media                       Broadcast TV Networks                                     ABC
                                Kids TV Programming (among 8-12 year olds ) Nickelodeon
                                Social Media (among 13-24 year olds)               YouTube.com

Gaming,                   Computers (among 13-24 year olds)                 Apple Computers
Technology,              Computer Tablets (among 13-24 year olds)      Apple iPad
& Telecom                Mobile Phones (among 13-24 year olds)          Apple iPhone
                                 Gaming Platforms                                             Nintendo Wii

* Unless otherwise indicated, brands were rated among all youth, 8-24 years old.

Source: Harris Interactive

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