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How About Some Good News? Coronavirus Can’t be Passed From Mom to Newborn

*The following is excerpted from an online article posted on StudyFinds.

In a respite from the seemingly never-ending parade of doom and gloom, a new study out of Wuhan has come to a promising conclusion. Chinese researchers believe that the novel coronavirus is not transferrable from pregnant mothers to newborns at birth. This is actually the second piece of research out of China this month that has found pregnant women did not pass the virus on to their children.

This study focused on four pregnant women, and all four did not transmit the virus. The mothers-to-be tested positive for the virus themselves and gave birth at Wuhan’s Union Hospital. Wuhan is, of course, believed to be the virus’s origin point.

All of the newborns were immediately isolated upon birth, but none developed any symptoms typically associated with COVID-19. Also, three of the four tested negative for the coronavirus via a throat swab, while the fourth mother did not allow her child to be tested.

There were, however, some medical complications. One newborn had minor breathing problems for three days, and two of the four had a skin rash. That being said, the study’s authors say it is “impossible to say” if these minor complications are connected to the coronavirus at all.

Today all four infants are in great health, and all of their mothers have fully recovered from the coronavirus.

In the previous study, there was no evidence that any of the nine examined mothers passed the virus to their baby. All nine of those births were performed via c-section, and three of the four in this study were also delivered via c-section.

Source: StudyFinds

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