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Unsung Heroes: 80% Of Parents Have New Respect For Teachers Thanks To Coronavirus Quarantine

*The following is excerpted from an online article posted on StudyFinds.

U.S. teachers have been underappreciated and woefully underpaid for quite some time, but it looks like they’ve at least gained some newfound respect in the wake of COVID-19. A recent survey of 2,000 parents found that 70% now realize being a teacher is a much harder gig than their own job!

All in all, 80% said they have much more respect for teachers today than they did just a few months ago. Meanwhile, after pulling double duty as both teachers and parents due to coronavirus lockdown measures, 77% agree that teachers should absolutely be paid more.

The survey, commissioned by Osmo, asked respondents about their experiences over the past six weeks or so while taking care of their children during quarantine measures. About half of the survey’s participants said they’re working from home while caring for their kids. Of that group, 70% admitted that keeping their children occupied all day is hindering their job performance. Another 75% said the entire experience has been “overwhelming.”

So, how are parents ensuring their kids continue to learn? Most (66%) use workbooks or study sheets, while 61% are utilizing educational TV shows. Over half (56%) are having their kids video chat with their teachers, 49% are reading to their children everyday, and 37% are trying out educational apps and online tools.

Lots of respondents, though, said they’re not sure how long they can keep this up. A significant 80% wish they had more fun activities for their kids, and 68% are worried they’re running out of ideas.

Source: StudyFinds

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