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Wellesley, MA Teens Test Drive App to Block Texting

New phone app that blocks texting while driving shows promise... a least a step in the right direction...

Parents find it hard enough to pry computers, gaming systems, and Facebook away from teenagers so they can do their homework. But it's getting even harder to keep cellphones out of teens' hands when they're driving.

Texting while driving has caused an increasing number of accidents, injuries and even deaths. Boston recently passed a law banning texting while driving, and other communities are considering similar bans.

In an effort to deter such behavior, Darcy Ahl, of Darien, Conn., partnered with Concord-based Illume Software to create a cellphone application that would eliminate the cellphone distraction.

They presented their application to a room of 15 students and parents at the Wellesley Free Library Tuesday afternoon.

"It's a chronic situation. It's a critical situation," said CEO Dan Ross, a Newton native.

The application, called iZUP, turns off the cellphone when the vehicle is going over 5 miles-per-hour. 9-1-1 calls and three phone numbers are the only exceptions.

Source: Boston Globe

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