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"Taking Us Back"

It's the battle cry of the Left: the one great offense they believe conservatives, and their cronies on the "Religious Right," threaten to wreak upon our "progressive" nation. "Don't take us back," they wail. Generally, threats to undo abortion or limit immigration are what precipitate the complaint. The implications of "taking us back" are twofold; first, that Republicans and others seek to "undo" liberal "gains" (whatever they may be), and second: that things today are much better than they used to be.

Well, the latter is a perception as old as modernism itself, and can be found on both sides of the aisle. We are just so convinced that man's "wisdom" is "rescuing" our future from our dark and less-"enlightened" past. Such a viewpoint is mere historical revisionism--rife with pride--and indicative of a poor understanding of what it took to get here.

I say, "PLEASE take us back." All the way back to a day when our forefathers' achievements were celebrated, not scorned. Back to a day when parents watched out for their neighbor's kids, as well as their own. Take me back to a time when every life was sacred, and every marriage was forever. Return me to a time when policemen, firemen, servicemen, politicians, and--dare I suggest it--even pastors were the most respected people in our communities...and true heroes for our children. 

Sure, we had just 3 TV channels (in black and white, mind you) movie theater, one local newspaper...we even had a telephone "party line," which opened our family's "business" to the scrutiny of our neighbors. "Taking us back" would undo so many wonderful technological advancements that have changed the way we live our lives. But where I grew up, one's "standard of living" was not measured by the "stuff" we acquired...but instead, by the fact that we always felt safe in our neighborhoods, homes, and churches...and by the assuredness that life will undoubtedly be even better in the future. And that's a feeling so hard to come by these days, I'd gladly trade my BlackBerryTM for it.