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"The Rules: Ten to Live By" - Book Review

  • 2003 9 Nov
"The Rules:  Ten to Live By" - Book Review

Author:      Mark Nicholas
Publisher:  Transit Books

In "The Rules: Ten to Live By," author Mark Nicholas takes the Ten Commandments and, without changing the standard, makes the rules relevant for today’s teen. Nicholas applies the Commandments to situations in modern society that weren’t such a problem in Moses’ day. For example, he equates digital file swapping and cheating on a literature exam to violating the eighth and ninth Commandments.

The book is handily divided into two parts: the first dealing with the Commandments that reflect one’s relationship with God. He specifically addresses subjects such as making idols — like focusing on a fledgling sports career, schoolwork or taking the Lord’s name in vain.

Nicholas devotes the second part of "The Rules" to the Commandments that affect one’s relationship with others. He illustrates how lying, cheating, stealing and dishonoring one’s elders have not changed when it comes to dealing with the repercussions.

When considering this book, it’s wise to first read the biblical account of the Ten Commandments, and if you still feel the Bible is outdated or irrelevant pertaining to the problems that plague this age, pick up "The Rules." My guess is you’ll change your mind.


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