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Eclectic Monday Morning Shows Potential on "Fool's Paradise"

  • 2005 20 Dec
Eclectic Monday Morning Shows Potential on "Fool's Paradise"

Artist:  Monday Morning
Title:  "Fool’s Paradise"  
Label:  Selectric Records

Monday Morning’s "Fool's Paradise" doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to detailing mankind's foolishness, as this work distinguishes any fool’s paradise from the real thing. Released on John and Dino Elefante’s new Selectric Records imprint, Monday Morning reveals itself to be quite eclectic, with the potential to reach a wide audience base.

Lyrically, Monday Morning is wise enough to leave a little wiggle room for interpretation when it comes to the meanings of its songs. Although this band is undeniably Christian, its songwriting smartly avoids obvious spiritual clichés. When it sings, “You can’t give up what brings you down” during “Blind,” it may be speaking about drug addiction. But then again, it might be referring to a different vice altogether.

Similarly, is the woman spoken of in “Tonight” seeking God, or just a man who will treat her right for a change? Nevertheless, there’s no doubting the aim of a song with a title like “Vanity” because this one pointedly foretells the eventual fall that accompanies prideful endeavors. Additionally, “Stand” is equally clear as it encourages believers to remain firm in the faith.

There’s no doubt that Monday Morning is unabashedly a rock band. Nevertheless, it is often enjoyably tough to neatly categorize the act’s sound. The thumping drumbeats driving “Next Year” bring to mind "Joshua Tree"-era U2, for instance, whereas the dramatic flourishes of “Blind” give this track more of a Bon Jovi feel. And surprisingly, the semi-robotic beat of “Breakaway” oddly suggests The Hives, only slowed down considerably. And even though the group makes passionate hard rock, it still remains consistently melodic throughout.   

For many, Monday morning is the most dreaded day of the week. But maybe if you start your working week with "Fool’s Paradise," it’ll take a little bit of the dread out of it.

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