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Devotionals Daily: A Year with Jesus - September 18

  • 2012 Sep 18

Devotionals Daily: A Year with Jesus


From Lead Serve Love by Gregory Lang

Put aside differences.

It is said a house divided against itself cannot stand, and neither can the body of believers. Put aside differences and unite as believers, strengthening each other and the church for the sake of Christ. Avoid rash judgments and a desire to find fault in others. God respects moral character, not appearances, wealth, or earthly rank. Put aside differences.

Each one of us has a body with many parts, and these parts all have different uses. In the same way, we are many, but in Christ we are all one body. Each one is a part of that body, and each part belongs to all the other parts.

--ROMANS 12:4–5

Christ accepted you, so you should accept each other, which will bring glory to God.

--ROMANS 15:7

My dear brothers and sisters, as believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ, never think some people are more important than others. Suppose someone comes into your church meeting wearing nice clothes and a gold ring. At the same time a poor person comes in wearing old, dirty clothes. You show special attention to the one wearing nice clothes and say, “Please, sit here in this good seat.” But you say to the poor person, “Stand over there,” or, “Sit on the floor by my feet.” What are you doing? You are making some people more important than others, and with evil thoughts you are deciding that one person is better.

--JAMES 2:1–4

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