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Discover the Book - Feb. 25, 2012

  • 2012 Feb 25


How David Systematically Invested His Hard Earned Treasures with God

Psalm 30 is about the dedication of the temple. The Temple was on David’s heart and mind as a boy in Psalm 132, and as a man when he was told that his son would build the Temple, because of all the bloodshed David had experienced. So rather than being crushed to not build the House of the Lord, David prepared for that event with all his might.

David Was Excited about Serving the Lord

In just twelveverses (Psalms 30) David finds an equal number of ways to exalt in the Lord. David is so grateful that the desire of his heart since he sat on the hillsides watching the sheep was a step closer.

David was getting ready to officially turn over all that he had systematically invested in the coming house of the Lord. But, before we look at the exact amount David was going to give to the Lord, join me for a thumbnail sketch of Biblical History.

The world of the Bible had three basic financial classes of people: destitute, poor laborers, and rich. We could also say the world back then was made up of:

The Rich, The Poor & The Destitute

These classes were defined as:

•     Destitute: these are the beggars who do not even have enough for today. This word is used in the Sermon on the Mount for the “poor in spirit”. Spiritual beggars who can’t make it even a day without God.

•     Poor Laborers: these are those who work all day to earn enough to buy food on the way home for the next day or two. They live close to the line, never destitute, never any extra, just barely making it.

•     Rich: the rich were those who had more than what was needed for today or this week. They did not have to work sunrise to sunset just to survive. They had things laid up, saved, stored away. They had what we would call: investments, savings, retirement preparations and so on. 
For most of us today, we are in the class God's Word calls rich. We have more than we need to make it through today and tomorrow.

This study reveals David’s heart. Remember how Jesus told us in Matthew 6:19-21 that where our treasures are, there is where our hearts really are? David shows us where his heart was by what he did with his treasures.

We need to quietly think on his example and ask ourselves where we are showing that our hearts are by where we are systematically investing our treasures.

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