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Continual Blessings - Forward with Ron Moore - December 27, 2016

  • 2016 Dec 27


December 27, 2016

Continual Blessings

John 1:16

From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another.

I don't know the emotion that you are experiencing today. I don't know if you are in the midst of your dream job or no job, perfect health or a difficult illness, having lovingly kissed your spouse goodbye for the day or left without words and dreading the end of

the day when you are back home. Maybe there is no spouse and you are alone. Maybe a relationship with a child is strained and you are worried.'s what I do know.

  • God is gracious and merciful. In his grace, he gives us the good things we don't deserve. In his mercy, he doesn't give us the things we do deserve. His grace and mercy remind us that he has not and will not forsake us. Even when we "feel" alone, he is there. Even when we "feel" abandoned, we are not. Even when we have run from him to a distant country, he is waiting with open arms to forgive us.
  • God sends continual blessings. The air we breathe, the food we eat, the roofs over our heads--all continual blessings from God. Resources of time, gifts, experience, and money--all continual blessings from God. The great spiritual blessings that come from being created in Christ Jesus--salvation, forgiveness, faith, assurance--all blessings from God. And, yes, even the difficult challenges of your day and the painful faith stretching that is taking place--all blessings from God.

Lord, I don't know the emotion that each person brings today, but you do, and that is all that matters. Show yourself strong, mighty, gracious, and merciful in our lives today. Help us know you are with us. Help us to sense your presence. Thank you for your grace, mercy, and continual blessings. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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