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High and Mighty Minds - Forward with Back to the Bible - December 9

  • 2020 Dec 09

High and Mighty Minds

Read 2 Corinthians 10:5

We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ... 


Why is it critical to guard our minds?

Satan's favorite way to entice believers into sin is to get them to believe that they know better than God. It's the same tactic he's used since the beginning. In the garden, the serpent's strategy was to trick and deceive by casting doubt on God's Word. Genesis 3 quotes Satan as opposing God's Word and making it seem like God was selfishly withholding good things from them.

In Genesis 3, verses 1 and 4, we see the serpent raising questions against God's Word and arguing against it: "Did God really say..." and "You will not certainly die...". 

Satan is still using this tactic. We see arguments against God's Word everywhere-college campuses, in politics, the media... It is not genuine curiosity and asking seeking questions. It is individuals with "lofty opinions." High and mighty minds.

People who have the audacity to think they actually know better than God. In their eyes, people who believe the Scriptures are uneducated, simple-minded people. But we know that isn't true!

We need to recognize arguments against God's Word for what they are-attempts to deceive. According to Paul, we need to "destroy arguments and every lofty opinion." How do we do that? In Ephesians 6:10-18, Paul talks about the Armor of God. There is only one offensive weapon listed-the Sword of the Spirit or the Word of God. We use God's Word to defend God's Word.

Paul also stresses the importance of guarding our own minds against these lies. He tells us to "take every thought captive to obey Christ." We need to put on our armor from God daily, and we can't forget to put on our Helmet of Salvation. We need to study our Bible and grow in the knowledge of God. That way, we will be able to identify the destructive thoughts we think to ourselves, and we will be able to recognize the arguments of others that are in opposition to Scripture.

Let's guard our minds today and always, friends. Put on your helmet and wield your sword. Satan's lies are coming, and we have to be ready.


Jesus, help me to be prepared for the deceitful and destructive arguments against Your Word that I am going to hear today. Control my mind with Your truth. Amen. 

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