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The Journey - April 23, 2012

  • 2012 Apr 23

The Journey with Ron Moore

Ziklag: Double Life | 1 Samuel 27:8-10 | Devotional

1 Samuel 27:8-10 Now David and his men went up and raided the Geshurites, the Girzites and the Amalekites. (From ancient times these peoples had lived in the land extending to Shur and Egypt.... When Achish asked, "Where did you go raiding today?" David would say, "Against the Negev of Judah" or "Against the Negev of Jerahmeel" or "Against the Negev of the Kenites."

When David moved to Ziklag, he lived a lie. He raided Israel’s enemies but reported to Achish, one of the Philistine kings, that he was raiding the Philistine enemy. During his sixteen months in Ziklag, David not only lied to others, he lied to himself.

Dostoyevsky wrote in Honesty:

When we lie to ourselves, and believe our own lies, we become unable to recognize the truth, either in ourselves or in anyone else, and we end up losing respect for ourselves and others. When we have no respect for anyone, we can no longer love, and, in order to divert ourselves…we yield to our impulses, indulge in the lowest forms of pleasure, and behave in the end like an animal, in satisfying our vices. All of it comes from lying—lying to others and ourselves.

Living in sin is living a lie. Lying to others is inexcusable. But when you lie to yourself…all bets are off.

Father, I pray for the person reading this who is right now living a lie. Please bring them to their senses, embrace them with your forgiveness, and by your grace restore what has been damaged or destroyed. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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