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Grace Moments Devotions - July 28, 2019

  • 2019 Jul 28

July 28
The spotlight
Pastor Matt Ewart

John the Baptist had the important job of clearing the way for Jesus. To drive home the importance of repentance, he regularly made use of something called Baptism (thus his name). People flocked to see this unusual yet authoritative prophet who defied mainstream teaching methods.

But one day someone stole his popularity. Someone else set up shop down the river in a better location and began to employ his trademark Baptism techniques.

That someone was Jesus.

John’s disciples got quite upset that the crowds were now going to Jesus, so they alerted John to this troubling news. Here’s how John responded: “A person can receive only what is given them from heaven” (John 3:27).

Translation: God gave John time in the spotlight, and it served a good purpose. Now God was giving that spotlight to Jesus for an even better purpose.

While it was tough for him to lose popularity, John recognized that God’s plan required him to take second place. Jesus had to become greater. John had to become lesser.

You naturally want to react like John’s disciples did. You want to protest when God decides to take the spotlight away from you. But remember that it’s always a good thing when God shines the spotlight on himself. No matter how popular or unpopular you become in the world, what really matters is that Jesus forgave you to make you God’s child.

Let him adjust the spotlight to best testify to that truth.

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