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Transformation Garden - June 18, 2010

  • 2010 Jun 18


"So David was not willing to take the ark of the Lord to him into the City of David; but he took it aside into the house of Obededom the Gittite. And the ark of the Lord remained in the house of Obededom the Gittite for three months, and the Lord blessed Obededom and all his household."
II Samuel 6: 10, 11, Amplified Bible


"The Blessings On Obededom"

"The first principle God's honour...the means prayer and unremitting diligence."
Anthony Ashley Cooper

How do I honor God in my personal life?

How do I honor God within my family and home life?

"All true awareness of God is an experience at one and the same time of ultimacy and intimacy."
John A. T. Robinson


"The best of all is this -- God is with us."
John Wesley

It's not a name I've ever seen anyone called in modern time. But if your goal is to name your male child after a truly admirable person, then his name should be Obededom.

After David's tragic disobedience, which resulted in the death of the young man Uzzah, who touched the Ark of the Covenant, David was frightened even to move the Ark at all. Had I been on the scene of action in this incident, I don't believe I would have volunteered to be anywhere near the Ark. I certainly wouldn't want it in my home! However, it appears there must have been some research done as to God's instructions regarding the safe keeping and transporting of the Ark, for we find that David didn't make the same mistake twice.

In the case with Abinadab, it appears the Philistines may have left the Ark at his home after having the holy object in their possession. The fact is, their idols fell over when the Ark was put near them, and so the Philistines came to the conclusion the glory of God that surrounded the Ark was not something they wanted to mess with. Immediately, they returned the Ark to the Israelites. I find this to be an important point which shows God's mercy. The Philistines were not held accountable to God for their transportation of the Ark because they were not knowledgeable of God's instructions on moving this special heavenly-blessed gift.

But God's children, the Israelites, knew better, and yet they ignored what God had said. In the case of David, as leader of the nation, a huge responsibility for what transpired fell on his shoulders.

After the tragic death of Uzzah, whom it seems was trying to steady the Ark from falling, David went to the Lord -- a place he should have  gone in the beginning. This time, David had the Ark secured in the home of Obededom, or as the Hebrew says his name means, "worker." In I Chronicles 13: 13, 14, we are told that Obededom was a Levite -- and in accordance with God's direction, it was the Levites who were to be the guardians of the Ark.

Upon hearing of Uzzah's death, you might think Obededom wouldn't want to have anything to do with the Ark. But just the opposite was the case. Obededom not only took the Ark and kept it in his house for 3 months, but we are also told his home was blessed by God, as was his household. Obededom wasn't afraid of God's glory. He embraced the glory of God. And do you know how I know what I'm saying is true? Let me share with you what the Bible tells us about Obededom's life:

1.                     II Samuel 6: 10-12. Obededom kept the Ark in his home for 3 months. He and his family were blessed by God.

2.                     I Chronicles 13: 13, 14. Obededom was a Levitical porter.

3.                     I Chronicles 15: 18, 21, 24, 25. Obededom was a gatekeeper for God. He was a musician in God's house. He was a gatekeeper for the Ark of the Lord.

4.                     I Chronicles 26: 4, 8, 15. Obededom's children were strong and able men in service of the Lord.

Do you begin to get a picture here? It's a wonderful description of what happens when we embrace the glory of God. When we long for and invite God's presence to infuse our lives, and put ourselves in the presence of God as Obededom did when working in the church and in the music department and at whatever task he was asked to do -- blessings follow. Whenever Obededom was called upon, he answered, "Yes!" Not only did the blessings of heaven fall upon him, they fell upon his family, as well. The fact is, God's glory brought blessings to Obededom and all that were within the circle of his presence.

While we see the consequence of disrespect and disobedience when God's glory is relegated to the commonplace, we find the complete opposite happens when we give our entire lives in reverent service to our Father -- doing whatever He asks, whenever He asks.

The British writer, Arthur Macdonald Allchin, observed, "God's glory is at work in all things. Everything that exists, exists because it is held, sustained, enlivened by God's wisdom and God's power." As I read this mighty thought, I bowed my head and asked my Father to help me live a life like Obededom -- open to working anywhere and doing anything He calls me to do. For like Obededom, I want it to be said that, "The Lord blessed Dorothy and all her household." This is my prayer for you today, too.

"The glory of God is man (and woman) fully alive; and the life of man consists in beholding God."


"God, of Your goodness, give me Yourself, for You are sufficient for me. To be worthy of You I cannot ask for anything less. If I were to ask less, I should always be in want, for in You alone do I have all."
Julian of Norwich

"And You held me and there were no words
and there was no time and You held me
and there was only wanting and
being held and being filled with wanting
and I was nothing but letting go
and being held
and there were no words and there
needed to be no words
and there was no terror only stillness
and I was wanting nothing and
it was fullness and it was like aching for God
and it was touch and warmth and
darkness and no time and no words and we flowed
and I flowed and I was not empty
and I was given up to the dark and
in the darkness I was not lost
and the wanting was like the fullness and I could
hardly hold it and I was held and
You were dark and warm and without time and
without words and You held me."
Janet Morley

Your friend,
Dorothy Valcarcel, Author
When A Woman Meets Jesus

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